Audio Documentary: The Dark History of the House of Caesar

The legend goes that Rome, through its founders Romulus and Remus, was born on the teat of a wolf. Both the inhabitants of the city-state and the world accepted this as historical truth. After all, there was definitely something of the wolf in the Romans. A restlessness nature that beckoned them to conquer and devour everything in their path. In fact, it was believed that Rome was destined to conquer the entire world. One man believed that it was only through him that Rome could achieve its rightful glory. This man was Julius Caesar.

How did Julius Caesar rise to power? In this audio documentary discover the story of his success, and how it all came tumbling down and into the young yet capable hands of his nephew, Gaius Octavian. Arguably it was because of him, a man who would eventually be known as Augustus Caesar, that the Roman Empire will forever be remembered.

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